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Since 2019, we've had the honor and pleasure to lead and collaborate with regional, national  and international organizations on a number of projects.

Current Projects

Walking Tour: Cartersville Downtown District: African American Business Owners, 1870-1940 

The walking tour of the Cartersville Downtown District covers the history of African American business owners who operated in various fields from 1870-1940.

This walking tour covers the first 9 sites included in the Bartow County, Georgia African American Heritage Trail.


1) The Rise of African American Entrepreneurship

2) The Clothing Trades

3) Segregation

4) The Service Trades

5) Gassett's Grocery and Dr. W.R. Moore

6) Conyer's Alley, Restaurants, and Eateries

7) African American Real Estate Developers

8) Judicial History

9) Vinnie's Cabin

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Summer Hill Heritage Group

This report is a review of projects completed in 2020 and 2021.The efforts include event planning, research, grant-writing, film production, fund raising, place-making, graphic design, social media marketing, exhibit curation, community education, and a K-8 summer enrichment camp.


The work completed demonstrates a concerted and deliberate effort to explore and promote the history and cultural identity of one of Bartow County's most interesting communities. We hope this review communicates the positive impact our work has on tourism, community-building, and economic development.


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